How I Became “The Home Guru”


After working part-time for five years as a real estate salesperson in the suburbs of the New York metropolitan region, I decided to get serious about marketing my services through promotion and my writing pursuits.

This would come very naturally to me, I thought, since I had concurrent careers as a writer and a public relations practitioner.

The promotional path I chose was to become a columnist known as “The Home Guru,” based on my experiences as a realtor and as a homeowner. I was hired as a free-lancer, first by one publication in my suburban town, then by The Examiner News that covers much of Westchester and Putnam Counties with several editions.

Also I entered the world of blogging by writing under the same moniker for

I don’t remember how I came up with the name The Home Guru. It just seemed to have a nice ring to it. But the reader should know that, while I possess some knowledge about selling and buying houses, I am far from an expert on maintaining them. However, I consider myself a pretty good reporter of other people’s expertise.

I knew I was in trouble, however, when I started gaining some recognition as a self-anointed expert about homes in the community. Readers of my column would come up to me on the street and ask me all sorts of questions  about home maintenance that I couldn’t answer, and other people would say to my wife, how lucky you are to have a handyman around the house.

I do have a talent about home repair and maintenance and that is to seek out the best qualified service people, and, based on those sources of expertise, anything on this blog that might be considered in the realm of ”how-to” or “how-not-to” advice is on pretty solid ground.

The validity of my random observations on other aspects of home living is for the reader to determine.