When I was a youngster, “The Secret” hadn’t been written yet, so I didn’t know anything about making my intentions known to the Universe to attract what I wanted. But I guess the dynamic worked anyway, judging from several instances where unwittingly I called upon its power.

For instance, as an adolescent, I was in love with Dinah Shore and her TV show where she would sing, “See the USA in your Chevrolet.” I was enthralled with her dynamic personality, great wit, and how she would throw a big puckered kiss to her TV audience. “Gee, I thought, I’d sure like to meet her someday.”

Well, 25 years later I found myself a dinner guest in her Beverly Hills home at a table with Dinah and her friends, which included Gregory and Veronique Peck, Billy Wilder, Angie Dickinson, Willie Nelson and Morgan Fairchild. I was in star stalkers heaven!

But before that, when I was in college in one of my Art History courses, I remember the day that the great master of architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, died. My professor spend the entire class talking about his achievements as the greatest architect of his day, and any day to come, as the creator of organic architecture where buildings and homes are designed and built in harmony with humanity and their environment.

Interested as I was in architecture, I thought, “Wow, wouldn’t it be nice to be somehow connected with him some day.” Well it took a lifetime but just yesterday I listed a home in Croton-on-Hudson that puts me less than six degrees of separation from Frank Lloyd Wright. It was designed and built by Alfred Bush, one of Wright’s first apprentices, and contains all of the master architect’s vision and harmony with nature.

Bush is equally as fascinating as Wright in that he was an artist, a dancer with Martha Graham, and a model who posed for the sculpture of Atlas holding up the world at Rockefeller Center in New York City. How’s that for interesting provenance!

The video here tells more of the story and the house and property for sale. And, by the way, while many people complain about the design and look of the raised ranch, did you know that it is Frank Lloyd Wright who is credited with creating it?



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