GuruCoverCould it be? A book about homes and real estate that’s not dry, but rather interesting and funny? That’s what Musings of the Home Guru: Armchair Observations and Advice about Buying, Selling, and Fixing Homes, both Practical and Absurd promises the reader, whether a first-time home buyer, a senior looking to downsize, or a realtor looking for a fun closing gift for a client.

Written by Bill Primavera, a longtime publicist, columnist and realtor known as The Home Guru, the book is a collection of selected stories from the pages of The Examiner newspapers, as well as postings on

“Readers say they enjoy my conversational tone when I dole out important information about home ownership with a spoonful of sugar and a dash of spice,” Primavera says in describing his style. “I only know that I don’t want to write anything that I wouldn’t want to read, and in the real estate field, I’ve read a lot of stuff that makes me want to curl up and fall asleep.”

According to Primavera, this is not an “insiders’ book” for realtors, but rather a guide for anyone dealing with the day-to-day challenges and opportunities that come with home ownership. “I also think it makes a great house warming gift and a good ‘closing’ gift from realtors to their clients.”

The book enjoys rave advance reviews from his publisher at the Examiner, Adam Stone, who says, “Great stories by a great writer,” and his real estate manager at Coldwell Banker, Donna Riniti, who says, “This is important information that is fun and enjoyable to read.”

Chapters include a wide range of musings on topics both practical and mundane, and sometimes absurd, according to Primavera. Consider such observations that homeowners may never have thought about: the demise of the home telephone; how St. Joseph becomes the patron saint of home sales; how men and women differ in selecting a home; what household dust is really made of (yikes, mostly our own flaking skin!); ten good reasons to hate your neighbor; the secrets and dangers of hoarding; decorating for romance (and more) in the bedroom; how size really matters today (and it’s smaller); what to do when a house smells; the curse of living with a neatnik; and the history of the toilet (and why the men may prefer the elongated bowl).

Explaining why he wrote the book, Primavera says, “While it was originally my intention to promote my real estate practice through any talents I have from my first career as a writer and publicist, The Home Guru soon developed a voice of his own, and I guess that voice in mine, but sometimes I’m not sure.” With full disclosure, Primavera admits that, while he’s well practiced in buying and selling homes, he’s far from an expert on home maintenance. “However, I compensate for not knowing much beyond changing a light bulb by reporting the expertise of the top home repair people I can find.” He adds, “I have positioned The Home Guru as a guy who looks at the challenges and joys of home ownership with a sense of humor.”

To know more about The Home Guru and his musings, visit: To talk personally to alter ego Bill Primavera, call 914-522-2076


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