Welcome, Friends!  This is my Day One for The Home Guru‘s blog, February 21, 2013.


Here I am finally with a blog for The Home Guru, a character of whom I’ve grown fond who helped me find my voice as a raconteur of sorts, sharing my thoughts and observations about buying, selling and maintaining homes.

Memory fails me as I reach back to the origin of name The Home Guru more than ten years ago.  I know that I wanted some venue of communications that would promote my budding real estate business through a column by that name in a local newspaper.

I fell back on my background as a reporter, editor and public relations practitioner to develop the concept of providing advice in print for homeowners while reminding them in the credit line that I just happen to sell real estate.

But The Home Guru started to lead a life of his  own as I developed his voice and character. I speak in the third person about the Guru because I’m not sure I am he or he is I.

The fact is that I’m not an expert on most things associated with home improvement or maintenance, while I do know something about the real estate industry. But since the meaning of the word “guru” is oriented more toward teaching, I feel that I can qualify to give advice, as long as that information comes from those experts who do know how to install a dimmer on a light switch or a washer on a faucet.

I did occasionally get in in trouble, however, when I started gaining some recognition in the community and people would come up to me on the street and ask me all sorts of questions  and other people would say to my wife, how lucky you are to have a handy man around the house.

When I was younger, I was daring and did a lot of things badly, like building my own bookshelves that were crude indeed. But some things I think I did very well if they were more crafts oriented, like wallpapering or stenciling a room with patterns perfectly matched.

And who knows more than anybody about referring good people to do all the things we don’t know how to do? Realtors!

Four years ago, when I moved to another newspaper, The Examiner, with four different regional editions in Westchester and Putnam Counties in New York, I ramped up The Home Guru‘s appearance to a weekly column and, further, started appearing Online, also weekly, on Patch.com.

If the truth be told, I love making observations, sometimes absurd, about homes and real estate that others might not even think about, for instance, the history of the toilet or the lore associated with the partnering of St. Joseph to homeowners when they want to sell.

Be assured that my advice-oriented blogs can be relied upon since their basic information comes from the experts. My own observations can be either believed or discounted  according to the judgment of the reader.

So here are my thoughts and opinions about what it means to enjoy one’s home, inside and out.

Happy homekeeping and happy living.

Bill Primavera, The Home Guru



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